Johnson & Johnson has created a single dose COVID vaccine and ready to submit trial data

In case the single dose vaccine from Johnson and Johnson is found safe and useful then the company may ask the US regulatory body for authorization regarding emergency use. It is expected to be done this month. Other regulatory bodies around the world may be approached at the same time also.

South African arm of Johnson and Johnson has conducted the third phase trial on the COVID-19 vaccine. They are now preparing for the submission to the US regulators. By 21st January, data may be submitted.

Drug giant from US has said in a statement that trial data for the late stage is going to arrive soon. The trial has been conducted in several countries all over the world. If the one dose vaccine becomes a success then another option may be made available for the public really soon.

Chief Scientific Adviser Moncef Slaoui of U.S Operation Warp Speed program has told that emergency clearance may be approved in early February by the U.S Regulators.

Johnson & Johnson is in the late stage of trial along with the three other vaccine developers. Earlier submission of the trial data is definitely a strategic move by the company to stay ahead of others in the competition.

By Johnson and Johnson, an agreement has been signed with the Aspen Pharmacare Holding Ltd already to order to manufacturer more than 300 million doses of vaccine every year within South Africa following to the approval of the regulatory bodies.

How does it work?

Single dose vaccine by Johnson and Johnson is andenovector vaccine. On the occasion, DNA with double strand is utilized to generate an immune response. It is a different technology in comparison to the vaccines from Pfizer-BioNtech and Moderna. Both the latter vaccines use RNA with single strand.

Generic spike protein from coronavirus is utilized on the occasion along with the other virus called Adenovirus. As a result, the virus may able to enter the cell. However, it may lose its ability to reproduce. Cold like symptoms are seen with Adenovirus mostly. In addition, the virus has been altered a bit also. As a result, it may not make you sick at all. In the vaccine from Pfizer and Moderna, same adenovirus technology is used also.

Following to the vaccination with Johnson & Johnson, modified adenovirus attaches itself with the cell surface. Later on, it travels to the nucleus where DNA is placed. Cell reads the spike protein and copies it to the RNA. It creates a threat which may not exist in reality. As a result, the body starts to develop antibodies.

Immune system of the body manages to learn the process of fighting with the coronavirus. In case of a contact with the virus in near future is made then efficient fight can be given by the body.

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