Japan has given birth to new coronavirus variant called ‘Eek’ and it has lower protection against the vaccine

Coronavirus mutation is happening throughout the world due to various reasons. Following to the UK variant, Brazil variant and South Africa variant, a new variant has been found in Japan and it has been named ‘Eek’. Scientists have given this name upon its detection within the country. Both the Reuters and Japan public broadcaster NHK have reported about the new variant Eek that has come with E484K mutation. Protection from the vaccine may be lower than usual when it comes to this coronavirus variant. Last month, 70% cases with this coronavirus variant have been reported in the Tokyo hospitals.

According to the reports from NHK which has been reviewed by Reuters also, 10 cases among 14 are seen with this variant at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University in the month of March. For about two months, mutations have been carried. However, none of them have come from abroad or come in contact with a person that has gone abroad. COVID-19 patient has not been in contact with people with such features.

In the end of last year, coronavirus variant has come into existence. Fresh wave of corohnavirus is being seen in Japan at the moment. Due to this surge in the coronavirus, Tokyo Olympics have come under the spotlight once again that is planned in July. Previously also, Toyo Olympics has been postponed due to coronavirus pandemic. Right now, there are about 355 cases daily in Tokyo. During the peak, number of daily coronavirus cases has been about 2500 in January. In Osaka, the daily number of cases has been about 594 and it has been rising definitely. The total daily number of cases has rise up to 666 just after a day.
Vaccination at a large scale has not started Japan so far. General population has not been vaccinated yet. Right now, health experts are really worried about the new strain of coronavirus. Hospital officials have not commented on the issue yet.

Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihige Suga has said the emergency situation may be extended further in order to stop the fresh wave of coronavirus. Lot of fear can be seen regarding the new virus mutation. Upon asked whether Tokyo is going to be part of the cities that are included in the new lockdown list. In reply, Prime Minister Suga has said during a programme on Fuzi television “All possibilities are being considered. It doesn’t matter specifically where, we will act without hesitation if needed”

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