Is there fog in your glass due to mask? – Here is the solution

Due to coronavirus pandemic, face masks and face coverings have been recommended to everyone. Based on your location, difference in the guidelines can be observed on the wearing of the face mask in the public area. Therefore, masks have become part of new normal all over the world. Masks may not be comfortable to wear always. However, it is important to adjust with the situation in order to stay healthy and safe. Issues have been noticed with the glass wearer due to mask. It becomes frustrating some time also.
If you are wearing a glass then you may find fog in your glass due to mask. As a result, trouble with the vision is observed. Following to breathing, warm breath goes upwards from the mask and becomes trapped on the cold lenses. As a result, fog can be noticed on the glasses. In order to get a relief, you may have to wipe your glasses constantly. Due to accumulated moisture, you may like slip down your mask also. Therefore, it can be surely a challenge. Lot of stress may be noticed in the process too.
As glass becomes foggy, you may have to take it off and wipe it off. Later on, it may be put back in its place again. Due to this reason, chances of infection may increase. Therefore, it has become essential to reduce the amount of fogging.

Look for a perfect fit

Fog is created when warm air comes in contact with the cool surface. Condensation is considered to be the reason behind fogging. However, issue of fogging can be eliminated with a mask that fits perfectly. In this way, warm air may not be able to escape upward from the mask and contact of warm breath may not be seen with the lenses.

Buying accessories

Through use of earloop bands and nose clips, fogging can be avoided over the glass. Therefore, you can see that fit of the mask is one of the best solutions on the occasion. If the earloops makes contact with the frame then it can be an issue. On such occasions, you can go with the headstrap. Nose clip can be an effective option on the occasion also. It is possible to purchase a mask with inbuilt nose clip, earloops or headstraps. However, it can be bought separately also.

Wash Your Glass

Even if your glass is not dirty, it can be washed with soap water. Later on, it must be dried with the microfiber cloth. Generally, these types of clothes are offered with the glasses. If you do not have these microfiber clothes then it can be bought from the market also. Optometrists can provide you these clothes as well. Lint is left behind by the facial tissues that attracts the moisture towards the lenses. Through use of soap water, surface tension can be reduced. Fog may not stick to your lenses anymore now.

How to buy a mask?

High quality masks with nose clip, earloops or headstraps may help to prevent fog on the glasses. Therefore, you must look for these masks. On the occasion, comfort is ensured also.

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