Is pandemic on its way out in global hotspot? Will it continue?

Just a month back, coronavirus situation all over the world has not been showing much of a hope. More than 750,000 cases can be seen all over the world in a single day. Increase in the infection rate has been noticed in United States. Due to introduction of new variant of coronavirus, numbers of cases have surged in United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil also.
However, a turnaround can be seen now. Decline can be seen in the number of cases globally. Improvement has been noticed in the places mostly that have suffered hugely during winter months.

In several places like Latin America, Africa and South Asia, fewer patients have been coming to the hospitals now. Therefore, experts believe that coronavirus cases have been really declining. It is certainly a ray of hope. However, it can turn out to be fragile soon also.
Quite period of coronavirus can be due to vaccination drive in various parts of the world. Experts believe that vaccines have done little to reduce the numbers. It is especially true in case of wealthy countries as they have been planning to vaccinate their entire population by the spring.
However, there are risks that have been looming large over us still now.

Countries like Brazil have witnessed resurgence due to the new variant that has been discovered with their country. Rate of hospitalization has increased in Spain also. However, official tallies have been showing some reduction. European countries like Czech Republic, Slovakia and Estonia have seen an increase in the infection rate too.
Now, what are the causes behind the surge in certain countries? Is it due to relaxation of social distancing and other measures? If proper protection is not taken then positive effect of vaccination may be outpaced. New variant has been found first in UK. Later on, it has spread in Ireland, Jordan, Portugal and other countries in the world.
In most countries, decline in the coronavirus cases have been seen in the last month. It is largely due to six countries that have suffered in this pandemic the most. Decrease in the cases may not be due to one simple reason.

However, they are combination of various things. It is believed that the condition has improved as the people have taken protection measures seriously. Immunity may have played a key role on the occasion too.
National lockdown has not been imposed in United States. However, a voluntary change has been noticed in the people. Looking at the worsening situation, people have checked themselves and stopped organizing large gatherings during the holiday season. People have stayed home as much as possible. As a result, decrease can be seen in the number of cases quite naturally.

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