Is COVID-19 new strain impacting young adults more?

Due to introduction of coronavirus new strain, concerns have been seen among the people regarding high transmission. According to the reports, COVId-19 new strain has been targeting the young people more unlike the older strain. People under the age of 20 have been affected more so far in UK.

Imperial College of London has said that the practice social distancing may not be enough to avoid an infection of COVID-19 new strain. In case of previous strain of coronavirus, spread of the virus has been reduced with the process also. However, effectiveness of social distancing has not been seen this time to curb the spread of new variant.
Initially, it has been believed that the new variant targets children and young more. Now, it has been noticed that young are more susceptible to the virus. From these young people, virus can be transmitted to the more people.

Throughout the United Kingdom, it has been noticed that secondary children are affected more with this new variant of coronavirus.

In case of South Africa, similar trait has been noticed also. Deadly UK strain is more common in young people in South Africa as well. A two year old and a six year old have been found positive with coronavirus new strain in India.

Medical experts from UK have said that the symptoms in the young and adult is expected to be the same.

Previous strain of virus has shown lesser impact on the children in comparison to the adults. For respiratory virus, it is considered to be an unusual scenario. Respiratory virus is generally transmitted from children to other more efficiently. Therefore, it is quite clear that coronavirus has changed its characteristics quite naturally. Some of the experts also believe that the children may not have been targeted by the new strain of coronavirus. However, symptoms and impact is becoming more similar to the adult among the children with the virus mutation. Chances of more transmission have been observed also.

Since, the virus is quite new. Therefore, we do not know a lot about it. Research has been going on. In the coming days, we hope to deal with this new strain of coronavirus in a more effective way.

New strain of coronavirus has emerged first in UK. Now, it has been spread to major countries of the world as well. In order to reduce the spread, several countries around the world have banned travelers from UK already.

Now, Prime Minister of UK Boris Johnson has also announced a lockdown till the middle of February to break the chain and stop the spread of virus as much as possible.

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