Impact of the masks on the Coronavirus new variant

According to the Dr. Anthony Fauci from National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, if you wear two masks together then it may become easy to keep the virus at the bay. It is also a common sense to use as much layer as possible to safeguard yourself from the coronavirus.

Till now, detailed research has not been done on the new variants of COVID-19 virus over the mask. In United Kingdom, new variant of the coronavirus has been found. More than 22 states in USA have also reported about this new variant. Several other countries in the world have reported about it too.

Through a mask, droplet can be prevented. Mask can be looked as a physical covering. Some other layers can be put over it also in order to make it more effective.

On asking whether the mask is less effective on the new variant of coronavirus or not, Fauci has said that new variant is the reason why you should wear the mask more. Other experts have supported Fauci over the issue also. It is said that the new variant is capable of affecting more number of people through mouth and nose. Transmission of the virus is possible when someone speaks, sings, coughs and sneezes. More amount of virus particles may be released in the air on such occasions also in comparison to the average person.

If everybody wears a mask then there should not be a lot of problem. However, the mask has to be worn correctly. Face mask may able to reduce the transmission of the respiratory virus. Coronavirus variant may not make any different on the occasion at all.

Kind of Mask You Need to Wear

Effectiveness and comfort have to be balanced with the mask. As a result, issues may not be seen even if you wear a mask for a long time. By wearing two to three masks together, more filtration can be achieved. In case the mask is not comfortable enough then it may be removed after some time. As a result, benefit of the mask cannot be attained.
Researchers have been studying about the cloth of face covering also. More protection can be offered to the people through three ply surgical mask. If you are using a cloth mask then it is better to go with two layered mask with high quality material of cotton. High thread count may be essential on the occasion.

Over the year, people have started to accept the mask as a norm. Now-a-days, it is being used as a fashion statement also. As a result, explosion in the mask making industry has been noticed. Standardized rules may not be seen when it comes to mask making.

By FDA, mask is regulated which includes cloth face coverings also. However, these masks are generally created for the medical purposes. Most of the companies are not advertising the mask as a product for medical use. Therefore, they cannot be taken under the regulation of FDA quite naturally. Now, it is the responsibility of the customer to choose a mask carefully. It is always better to go for a mask that gives maximum protection.
For the average people, N95 mask is not recommended by the experts. According to CDC, these masks should be utilized by the healthcare professionals only.

Instead of wearing a N95 mask for 50% of the time, it may be better to wear a surgical or cloth mask all the time. It樂威壯
may able to give you more amount of protection.

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