How Vaccines are being roll out in UK, USA and Canada

In USA, Food and Drug Administration has already authorized the vaccines. Recently, World Health Organization has approved the vaccine also. As a result, vaccine roll out process may become smoother in other countries of the world also. Unites States of America is one of the most developed countries in the world which is followed by UK and Canada in Western world. By approving the shots, the government is expected to immunize the people within few days.

Different healthcare systems can be seen in these three countries. Therefore, diverse challenges are expected to be faced by these nations in the way to provide vaccines to millions of people. However, there may be some similarities also.

By Pfizer, 90% success has been reported during their 3rd phase of trial. In USA, vaccine has started to roll out already. Medical professionals and elderly people are expected to get the first dosages. Regarding the vaccination, this method has been chosen due to unavailability of vaccines at the initial stages.

Have they chosen the same vaccine?

For the initial stage, UK, USA and Canada have decided to roll out the same vaccine. Following to the approval from FDA, Britain and Canada have approved the vaccines also. Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has developed a vaccine. In addition, there is a vaccine from a small company called BioNTech also. Some of countries in Europe have given their approval also. Therefore, vaccine is expected to roll out in Europe soon also.

Some of the pharmaceutical companies are close also in the vaccine race. These companies include The National Institutes of Health and Moderna. There are also vaccines from AstraZeneca and The University of Oxford. Therefore, more vaccines may be approved in coming days.

From the beginning of 2021, shots will be given. Based on the preference of the country, you may able to get shots from one of these companies. Speed of approving the vaccines from the regulatory boards may play an important role also. Cost of the vaccine is a factor too. On the occasion, it may be also vital how easily the vaccine can be distributed within the country.

Vaccine from BioNTech, Pfizer and Moderna- N.I.H is of new kind. Similar kind of vaccine has not made ever. In order to maintain the quality of these vaccines, ultracold storage is required. It is expected to be expensive than its competitors in the market as well. Pfizer shot has to be kept under the temperature of minus 94 degree Fahrenheit. For every facilities of healthcare, it may not be possible to offer such infrastructure.

Is the roll out centralized?

Britain is going for centralized roll out. However, it is not true for USA. Canada has been using a method that is in between.

Central Government and NHS have been directing the vaccination process from London. 50 hospitals have been chosen for vaccination. Preparation has been going on now. It is also decided how much of vaccine each hospital may get. Eligibility criteria has been drafted also

Based on the population of each state, vaccine is going to be distributed in USA. Distribution of vaccine has already started. However, there has been complains of slow roll out already.

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