How to return into the normal routine after lockdown in UK

Recently, UK Government has made an announcement regarding their road map after the coronavirus lockdown and safe return to normal life. Following to the vaccination process, progress is expected. Gradual transition from lockdown to a normal routine in some extent can be seen on the occasion.
Post announcement of lockdown relaxation, delight can be seen among the citizen. Parents are relieved especially that have been homeschooling their kids so far.

Schools in UK reopen on 8th March

Most of the parents have been waiting for the day when they can send back their kids to the school once again. Opening of schools is expected to give them some time to settle down. During the weekdays, a quiet and calm atmosphere can be enjoyed within the home. As a result, the parents may able to do their other work in time.
Opening of the schools is certainly one of the first things that have been done after the lockdown in UK. However, it may not be possible to go back to the normal life completely. There is still some anxiety among the people.
In spite of eagerness to go back to the school and work, there is also a need to be done everything safely.
As the schools and businesses are thinking of reopening partly or fully, it is important to remember about the rules and regulations regarding coronavirus to stay safe. Lockdown end is around the corner. Restriction must be kept in the mind as the condition changes. Loved ones must be kept as safe as possible.

Tips for safe return to schools and work

For the employer, employee and parents preparing their child, it is better to plan everything properly. To safeguard health and well being of your child, following tips must be followed.

• Inform the child about the current situation

Child must be explained clearly that what has been happening around the world. It is important to calm their nerves before sending them to the school. Child should not feel panic or anxiety in order to return back to the school. Parents must tell the child to talk with them openly or their teacher if they are feeling uneasy.

• Be Punctual

School timings have been changed in order to limit exposure of children. Different classrooms may be allotted to diverse group of children to follow the safety norms properly. By reaching the school on time to pick up and drop the child, parents will be helping the teacher hugely.

• Keep the sanitizer and wear a mask

A small bottle of sanitizer must be kept in the pocket or bag when you go out of the house. It is better to keep a santizer and anti-bacterial wipes in the school bag of child too. Child must be reminded to wash their hands in regular intervals. Masks must be worn in the public too.
Sanitizer station must be created throughout the school and workspace. However, keeping them in the bag may be useful when commuting back to home.

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