How to choose a face mask in new normal

People infected with coronavirus can spread the disease even before the symptoms appears. Due to this reason, spread ability of the disease has increased. Therefore, face coverings or face masks have been made mandatory in public. Most of the people have been recommended to wear a mask barring children below the age of 2.

Picking a mask

Protection against Coronavirus can be offered with a simple mask. Experts have even asked people to wear masks made of t-shirts. Bandana can be utilized at the time too. Even basic face covering can be effective against the disease.

Layering: Instead of single layered face mask, it is better to go with a face mask that has multiple layers. Lesser virus particle may able to pass through these layers. Middle layer can be added to the mask that may look like a coffee filter.  Masks with minimum three layers are considered to be a standard against coronavirus.  By using cotton fabric, lot of layers can be added. Issues with the breathability may not be noticed at the time also.

Fabric: Some fabrics may able to filter more particles of virus than others. Generally, thicker and dense fabric is considered to be the best on the occasion instead loosely woven ones. Fabric like 100% cotton can be good option here as it is durable. Small particles can be filtered also. Other kinds of fabrics can be utilized at the time also. Fabrics must be chosen that fits snugly on the face such as polyester, spandex and nylon. Moisture absorption can be done in better manner as a result.

For a DIY mask, material like flannel pajama can be chosen. Tight weave can be noticed here. For the outer layer, fabric with higher thread count is the best. In order to know whether a fabric is densely woven or not, it is placed in front of light.

In case of purchasing a mask, you may able to know about the fabric through the product description. If your criteria match on the occasion with multiple layers, tightly woven fabric, reusability and wash ability then it can be bought from the market. Elastic hoops or tie must be good option to secure the mask properly.

Good Fit: Mask must cover your mouth and nose. It must extend an inch pass your mouth and use chin as the anchor. In spite of snug fit, it should be comfortable enough to breathe.

Price: Mask must be available at an affordable price. In this way, purchasing a mask may not be a burden to you.

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