How many strains of coronaviruses are present?

Coronavirus has not started out of the blue. It is part of a family of viruses that has been present on the face of earth for years. Different kinds of illnesses can be caused by these viruses. Symptoms can range from mere cold and cough to respiratory illness of severe nature.

Human can be infected by the novel coronavirus or COVID-19. Previously, the virus has been detected in the body of an animal. In some occasion, the virus can be transported to human. In case of COVID-19, transformation has happened from animal to human according to the scientists. Therefore, the virus cannot be considered to be a new phenomenon. However, it has not happened to human ever. As human are found sick with this virus, scientists have named novel coronavirus.

Types of Human Coronavirus

Four groups of coronaviruses can be found. They are alpha, beta, gama and delta. However, seven viruses can infect people. They are:

• NL63 (alpha)
• 229E (alpha)
• HKU1 (beta)
• OC43 (beta)
• MERS-CoV is a beta virus and itcauses Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)
• SARS-CoV is a beta virus and it causes severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)
• SARS-CoV-2 causes COVID-19

Changes seen in the virus

Coronavirusses comes with the genetic building called RNA. It can be compared with DNA. However, there are definitely some differences.

If the virus manages to attach itself with the body cells and starts to generate more copies of RNA then you can be infected. In this way, spread of the virus is generally seen. In case of copying a mistake then some changes in RNA can happen and it is called mutation. Random changes may happen on the occasion. It is considered to be a normal phenomenon as the virus multiplies and spreads.

Due to some random change in the virus, human health may not be affected. However, it may cause some disease sometime also. It is common to see a change in the virus over the course of time. If the version of virus is little different than others then it can be called new virus strain.

New strain of Coronavirus in UK and Africa

In the end of 2020, a mutation has been detected by the scientists in novel coronavirus. It has been noted especially in southeastern part of England. Later on, it has been found in USA, Japan, France, Italy, Belgium and 50 more countries around the world. Due to this mutation, the virus can spread at a 70% more increased rate. However, evidence has not been found yet that the virus can make things worse yet. Mutation has caused some changes in the spike protein. As a result of this single mutation, it may not create an effect on the result of the vaccine.

Apart from UK variant of coronavirus, another variant can be found from South Africa and Nigeria also. Rate of spreading the virus is higher than previous strain also.

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