How long we may need to wear a mask?

Due to coronavirus pandemic, people’s lives have changed completely. Entire world has come under the influence of this pandemic. Millions of people have been affected all over the world. Scientists are trying their best to come up with an effective vaccine. However, it is not an easy job at all. Even if a vaccine comes out, you cannot be certain how much effective it is from the beginning. Therefore, safety measures such as wearing mask and social distancing must be taken even after the vaccine comes out. Doctors and frontline workers have been working day and night to save lives of people.

In this coronavirus pandemic, mask is one of the first lines of defense that offers protection from virus to some extent. Most of the countries have made it mandatory to wear a mask when the people go out of their house. Through use of mask, it may be possible to prevent entrance of respiratory particle of COVID-19 within your system from a coronavirus positive person. If a person with coronavirus coughs or sneeze then the virus may float in the air for some time. It is better for an infected person to wear a mask. Healthy people may not be affected as a result. In case of healthy person, mask acts as a barrier.

Have you been tired of donning a mask?

Yes, it is a collective feeling among the people. However, you need to wear the mask to stay safe. Mask is not very comfortable to wear. Sometimes, it can give you rashes as well. Heart rate can go up as you are in hurry with a mask on your face also. Breathing can become an issue for some too. For those wear glasses, fog may appear on it also as a result of wearing mask. So, you may start to ask the question till when you need to wear the mask.

COVID-19 may stay long than you expect

In the past, normal cold and flu like Spanish flu has claimed thousands of lives. However, it is a thing that is almost unthinkable today. However, coronavirus pandemic has changed the notion a bit.

Lot of progress has been made by the medical sciences over the last few decades. In case of common flu, it is important to consume lot of fluid to hydrate yourself in proper manner. Through use of medicine, temperature can be brought down too. Flu shots are quite common also to avoid infection in lungs.

According to the scientists, coronavirus is similar to influenza virus. Therefore, it may not disappear completely ever. So, it is here to stay. New strains may develop over time also.

However, there is nothing to worry. If the coronavirus cannot be eliminated completely like polio and smallpox then it can be combated. Masks may be inconvenient but it is essential to combat the virus without any doubt.

Is there a need to wear mask in future?

Researchers believe that precautions related to COVID-19 such as wearing mask and social distancing may not be required after couple of years. Scientists have offered some reasons behind it also. It has been said that herd immunity can be achieved through vaccination over a period of time. Till the time herd immunity is accomplished, there is definitely a need to wear a mask.

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