How can you enjoy Valentine’s Day Quarantine Style

Still now, we are in the middle of the pandemic. Therefore, it is pretty hard to ignore the situation. Things have not been going in the way it has been expected. We cannot do anything but to wait for the right time. However, there is no need to remove romance from the life.
Even if there is pandemic and quarantine, you can enjoy the love and romance. Here, you may need to innovate a bit. Global holidays cannot be shut down.
Different countries have issued various kinds of rules. On the occasion, you may be practicing social distancing. Therefore, zooming from a distance may be possible. Now, Valentine’s Day is round the corner.
Right now, you may be trying to avoid touch of another person due to nature of coronavirus pandemic. However, you must not be discouraged as far as romantic pursuit is concerned.
Here are the things that you can do to celebrate the Valentine’s Day safely

1. Play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors

Childhood game of rock, paper and scissors can make a comeback on your date night.
Starting the night in a comfortable cloth, you can wear a mask and hop on your car to bring some delicious food home and enjoy the night with the loved ones. If you are a foodie then it may be a perfect Valentine’s Day for you.

Play Mode:

Instead of adding a competitive value to the game, you can play for drive through to bring favourite food of your choice home. Through first win, drinks can be chosen. Subsequently, you can go with starters, main course and dessert with each win.
In the end, your stomach is going to be full with delicious goodies. Social distance can be maintained at the same time also. Coming back, you can fall back on your couch to enjoy a movie together on Netflix while staying in your own home.

2. Enjoy Some Wine

Tradition of giving roses to loved ones has passed. Instead, you can start new tradition of drinking wine together. Social distancing can be maintained in the process. However, you can share an activity as well.
If you like to stay outdoors then a walk can be taken also while maintaining the social distance. Instead of wine, you can settle with tea or coffee also while enjoying the romantic walk.

3. Become a Masterchef

Donning a chef hat, you can become a little creative on the Valentine’s Day. On the occasion, a meal box can be created together. By following a cooking show, a cook off can be organized also.
In case, you are not good with the cooking skills or lack in creativity then you may able to get ideas and recipes through online search. Dressing up, you can have a lot of fun while zooming and watching each other while cooking.

4. Go Virtual

In this COVID-19 pandemic, virtual may be the best way to go forward whether it is a business meeting or a romantic date. Taking help from the technology, you can stay at home and enjoy the date too. It may not be possible to visit other cities. To celebrate the day with your loved ones or family, you can video call and chat online.

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