How can employees come back to the work safely

Since the outbreak of coronavirus all the over the world, people have been staying inside their homes mostly. Therefore, they are craving to go back to their normal lives now. People have been missing out on their day to-day life. If the coronavirus restrictions are lifted then people may look forward to do small things without any doubt.

It may be hard to believe. However, it is true that people have been missing their offices. Heading back to the office is one of things in the priority list. Daily interactions with the colleagues, talking about a project with coffee and celebrating employee’s birthday or special occasions have been part of the daily office life that cannot be done during the pandemic time. Most of the people have been working from their respective homes. Therefore, these sorts of interactions have been completely off the chart. Through video calls, some of the things cannot be replicated ever.
Social distancing and wearing a mask have to be continued at least till 2022. Therefore, remote working will be a norm until then. However, some of the people have expressed the desire to go back to the shared offices.

Going back to the offices – What does it mean for the employees?

For an employee, decision of going back to office may come with anxiety. Now, the question is how you can do it safely.
Employers must be worried on the occasion too as they want everyone to stay safe. Both the employee and the business must be safeguarded from the threats of coronavirus.
Looking at the hopeful future, it is important to see how everything can be done according to the recommendation of the government. In addition, working environment must be maintained also. It is important to see how the employee’s desk can be placed. Between two desks, it is necessary to keep at least 2 meters distance. Sanitization station and protective screens must be installed also.
For opening the office, employers have to prepare themselves. It is better to be equipped with everything as offices open. In this way, the staff may feel safe while working in the office. Staying in the office, they can be productive and happy at the same time.

Tips for the Employees

Transition from home to office for work has to be made stress free. Here are some tips for the employees as they return to work.
According to the law, employee needs to keep personal protective gear with them. It is better to wear masks, gloves and aprons also.
Hand sanitization station must be placed in different locations of the office.
Protective screens have to be installed also.
It is important to assure that employees are wearing mask and gloves inside the office
Instead of calling everyone to the office at once, employees can be divided into two groups. In this way, limited number of employees may work in the office at a time.

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