Highest jump is seen in COVID-19 cases in New Zealand since April 2020

On Tuesday, highest increase has been seen as far as COVID-19 cases are concerned from the month of April, 2020. However, the authorities have said that the numbers have not been rising exponentially. Most of the cases have been observed in the Auckland area till now from the time of recent outbreak.

From the month of February, South Pacific country of New Zealand has been a COVID free zone. However, it has ended due to an outbreak of contagious delta virus within the country. A man has tested COVID-19 positive in New Zealand post zero cases for over six months, the government has announced a snap lockdown. Coronavirus case has been found in Auckland. Therefore, a weeklong lockdown will be at the place. In other places of the country, lockdown will stay for about three days. From Auckland, it has been spread in the capital of New Zealand, Wellington as well.
According to the reports, there have been around 41 new cases reported on Tuesday. However, the total number of cases has been 148. Ashley Bloomfield, Director General of Health Chief during a news conference has clarified about the numbers. Among the new cases, 38 of them have come from Auckland whereas only 3 of them have been reported from Wellington. In addition, Bloomfield has also said “It is reassuring that we are not seeing an exponential increase”

Health Ministry officials through a statement have said that it is not unnatural at all to see a rise in the number of daily cases during the first stage of outbreak. During the peak in 2020, the country has come across about 89 daily new cases.
For controlling COVID-19 magnificently within the country, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardem has earned a lot of praise. She has relied on controlling the borders to reduce COVID-19 within the country. Following to the recent outbreak, a snap lockdown has been announced also. However, these measures have impacted economy of the country. Therefore, some people have been raising questions also. In the midst of outbreak, people have come to notice that few people have been vaccinated till now.
By Ardem, Level 4 lockdown in the entire country has been extended till the midnight of 27th August. In case of Auckland, restriction is going to be in place till 31st August.

Grant Robertson, Finance Minister of New Zealand has said that there are enough funds to deal with the outbreak at the moment. The economy is quite flexible too. He has said further “A strong public health response is still the best economic response”

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