Faster results are delivered by Prototype Covid test in comparison to lateral flow

By French researchers, a coronavirus test has been developed that can offer results three time faster in comparison to rapid lateral flow antigen tests. Similar kind of accuracy can be seen on the occasion also. Therefore, it is considered to be more reliable.

During electrochemical test, nanobodies have been taken from camelid group of animals. Results can be obtained within mere 10 minutes. Following to the testing of more than 300 samples, 90% accuracy has been observed in case of both positive and negative result. Scientist from Lille and Marseille University has developed this method of testing. On the occasion, French National Scientific Research Centre has also collaborated on the project. Requirement of a lab may not be seen here as the test sample can be read through a smart phone.
Pharmacology professor from University of Lille has said that test kit is going to be made really soon. It may be made available for the public use as well. So, it can be utilized very easily at the hospitals airports and pharmacies.

PCR testing process is highly sensitive system. However, it offers reliable result that is trusted by the people for the detection of coronavirus. Expense of PCR testing is pretty high as it has to be done in the lab environment. In order to get result, you may have to wait for at least 48 hours.
In case of cheap rapid lateral flow antigen tests, swab from throat or nose is collected. Use of paper strip is seen at the time. Results can be obtained on the occasion within 30 minutes. However, high viral load can be detected at the time also. Therefore coronavirus cases with low viral load may not be detected.
Use of a different technology is seen in case of newly developed French prototype testing named CorDial – 1. Tiny antibodies called nanobodies are utilized over electrode to make it an ‘electrochemical biosensor.’
Soon, three months trial of this prototype testing method is going to be performed over 1000 people. COVID-19 spike protein can be detected within the nanobodies of the sample. As a result, a change can be seen in the electrode. It is expected to be measured through a device that may be similar to a USB key in size. Later on, it can be showcased on the mobile screen in the form of a graph signal.

Through signal height, it may become possible to know whether a person is COVID-19 positive or negative. Following further improvement of the method, it may able to tell about the viral load as well as the virus mutation.

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