Fashion Trends 2021: How can you wear a mask and stay stylish

In the fashion arena, nothing new has trended as everyone has stayed in their homes in sweatpants. So, it has been a rather quiet period. However, quiet period always brings a new lease of life. Lots of inspiration has been taken from the nature and other places during this time by the designers definitely. Since, face masks have become an essential item in our wardrobe due to coronavirus. Therefore, some fashion trends can be seen now with the face masks as people have started to go out of their house with caution.

By looking through the High Street as well as Catwalk, some stylish and bold designs can be observed when it comes to the mask. To pop some color in this gloomy world, fashionable clothes can be worn sometime instead of just sweatpants while doing work from home. For a visit to market to get some groceries, oversized blazer or camel can be worn which is fashionable and trendy at the same time.

Some of the old fashion trends have come back at the same time. In case of face mask, faux pas cannot be tolerated also. It is quite easy to style up your outfit by wearing a trendy mask along with some fashionable dress.

Boyfriend Blazers

Yes, this fashion trend from 80’s has made a comeback once again. People from that generation may resonate with this trend certainly. It seems that the boyfriend blazer trend may stay here for a long time. Lot of hype can be seen also. Both the shapes and silhouettes can be created with this blazer that comes with oversized look and padded shoulder. Casual chic look can be ensured on the occasion. However, bold statement can be created also if desired. However, face mask must not be forgotten. To maintain the stylish look, grey or neutral masks can be chosen as a perfect match to the attire.


In case, there are lots of neutrals in the wardrobe then it may be essential to go with the mix and match strategy with the outfit. Camel is back too. It can be mixed easily with the oversized suits or flares. Some yellow hues can be added to the outfit too which has become the pantone of the year. However, powdery sand and coffee-cream combination can be tried too. Here, some colorful printed masks can be the go to option to make the look stylish and effortless.

Black Face Masks

Similar to the LBD, Black Face Masks can be a classic option too. It is quite natural to see that little black face masks are selling out quickly for this reason. Black mask just looks perfect with each and every outfit. For a stylish look without being flashy, black masks can be chosen.

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