Dos and don’ts before taking a COVID-19 vaccine

Most of the countries in the world have started the vaccination process against the coronavirus. In India, 1.63 crore people have been vaccinated already. Reports of severe adverse reaction have not been seen so far. However, there are certainly some side effects of taking the COVID-19 vaccine. However, numbers of cases with severe side effects are very few on the occasion. Due to these side effects, people should not avoid taking a vaccine.
Dr. Shashank Joshi from the COVID-19 task force of Maharashtra has said that both Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin and Serum Institute’s Covishield are completely safe for use. Side effects are very minor. In case of any kind of vaccination, these side effects are pretty common.
However, there are some things that people must know. Precautions must be taken before administering vaccine also.

Prior to the Vaccination

If a person is allergic to certain kind of drug or medication then it must be informed to the doctor. Following to a clearance from a doctor, co必利勁
ronavirus vaccine can be taken only. On the occasion, it is better to check C-reactive protein, complete blood cunt and Immunoglobulin E before the vaccine.
Before taking the medication, it is better to eat well. It is better to stay relax as much as possible. Through counseling, anxiety before the vaccination can be relieved.
Both blood pressure and diabetes patient should keep things in check. For the cancer patient going through chemo therapy, medical advice is essential
For a person that has been infected with coronavirus in the past and taken plasma or monoclonal antibodies as a part of therapy and people infected in past one month and half are advised not to get the vaccine right now.

Following to the vaccine

Vaccine recipient has to be monitored after the vaccination process to see whether there are severe allergies. People are allowed to leave the vaccination site only after doctors give them a green signal.
Fever and pain is quite normal side effects of vaccination. Therefore, there is no need to panic at all. In some cases, severe chills can be felt. Fatigue is expected also. These symptoms generally relieves after few days.

Important things to Remember

Due to vaccine administering, immune system of the body can recognize coronavirus and fight with it in better manner. However, immunity against the virus is created only after few weeks of second dose of coronavirus. First dose of COVID-19 does not offer the immunity.
Following to the first dose of vaccine and even after few days of second dose, you can be infected by coronavirus. Body needs enough time to build up the immunity.
Basic precautionary must be followed even after vaccination. Face masks, physical distancing and hand hygiene must be maintained.

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