Does doubling up the masks can protect you more efficiently against the coronavirus particles – Here what research shows?

Health experts have been saying that wearing a mask give you protection against the COVID-19. On the occasion, you can be protected in addition to the person who has been standing in front of you. Evidences have been found that wearing two masks together can offer an additional amount of protection.

During research, it has seen that two masks are always better than single mask. Through two masks, it may be possible to get a protection that is similar to an N-95 masks. When it comes to the mask for coronavirus, N-95 is considered to be best as there is a presence of a respirator unit as well. In case a surgical mask is worn along with the cloth mask then it adds to the protection.

By wearing two masks together, virus particles can be filtered more efficiently. For the virus, it generally develops an obstacle course. Therefore, virus particle may not able to enter your body cells easily. Entrance of the virus through nose and mouth can be hindered to protect the lungs from a possible attack.

However, it may not be advised to go further and wear three masks as it may cause trouble in your breathing process.
Experts have also said that most of them and their families have been double masking whenever they are going out of the house. Now, you may ask whether the method is effective or not. In reply, experts are said a definite yes. Therefore, you can definitely consider it.

Bottom Line

Quality and quantity play an important role on deciding whether two masks are required or not. In case, you cannot obtain a well fitted effective mask then two masks with relatively low quality can be worn together to improve the amount of protection.

However, if you are having a breathing issue while wearing two masks together then it can be ditched. It is not possible to obtain the effectiveness of the mask completely if it cannot be worn properly. It is important to feel comfort while wearing the mask. If doubling up the mask gives you a feeling of discomfort then you may remove the mask completely or try to cut corner to breathe. As a result, filtration effect may be disabled completely.

Extra layer of protection is always good to hear. Therefore, you should try it if you feel comfortable and carry it off well. It is the latest trend during the pandemic. So, you can try it too. Both cloth masks and surgical masks with three layers are being recommended by the experts. It should be snug fit. So, the virus may not able to enter through any gaps.

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