Do fully vaccinated people need to wear a mask?

In the United States of America, 156 million people have been vaccinated completely. It has been reported that the vaccine is very effective against all the variants of coronavirus which also includes rapidly spreading delta variant. However, some of the physicians are still advising in the favor of wearing a mask.
By St. Louis County and City Public Health Department, a warning has been issued recently regarding the delta variant spread. Due to this reason, people have been advised to wear a mask even indoors. It does not matter whether you are fully vaccinated or not. Strong recommendation has been made after observing rise in the number of cases in the area.

Rate of vaccination has reduced and the numbers of coronavirus cases have increased in US recently. However, it does not mean that Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is going to recommend the mask even for the people that are fully vaccinated. CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky has said “If you’re vaccinated, you have a very high degree of protection from all of the variants that we are aware of circulating in the United States”

When You Should Wear a Mask?

In case there is low number of vaccinated people in the area then it is better to wear a mask even indoors. It is essential for the fully vaccinated people also. 55% of the eligible people in USA have been fully vaccinated only. It is better to do everything in our power to eradicate the coronavirus.
Walensky has also said “If you’re in a community that has a high amount of disease and less than a third of your population is vaccinated, one should consider whether the policy should be to mask, more about protecting the two-thirds of the community that are not vaccinated.”
In about 100 counties of USA, vaccination coverage is approximately 30%. If you look at the county like Wyoming then you may find that only 31 % people are vaccinated. So, what about the large portion of 69%? Yes, they are still more susceptible to the coronavirus. Due to this reason, Dr. Andy Dunn from Wyoming Medical Center in Casper has said that both vaccinated and non-vaccinated people must wear a mask also. Dunn has also said, “These variants are going to find a way. Do whatever it takes for Covid to go away. If I had to jump on my left foot five times a day, I would do it.”

Can fully vaccinated people infected by coronavirus?

Till now, vaccine cannot give you full immunity against coronavirus. It may not stop the transmission of virus also. However, chances of infection may be lower than those who have not been vaccinated yet. It can be looked as breakthrough infection which is very mild in nature.

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