Debunking the Myths about face mask

For preventing the spread of coronavirus, face masks play an important role. However, there are lots of misconceptions doing round regarding the face mask. So, these myths and misconceptions are needed to be debunked.

Myth 1: I do not have symptoms, so there is no need to wear a mask

Fact: According to the reports by CDC, 40% virus transmission is happening even before a person has started to feel sick. By a pre-symptomatic person, virus can be spread prior to the 48 hours of symptom appearance.

Myth 2: Mask is not required if physical distance is maintained

Fact: Experts have clearly said that it is not a matter of either wear a mask or a keep a safe distance. People are needed to follow both the rules. By wearing a mask and maintaining a distance up to 6 feet, you and everyone around you can be kept safe.

Myth 3: Efficacy of wearing a mask is not scientifically proven

Fact: Lancet is one of the leading and respected medical journals in the world that is released from United Kingdom. By Lancet, an article has been published while discussing about the benefits of N-95 and surgical masks against coronavirus and other viral infection.
Lots of data may not be found about the homemade cotton mask. However, it can certainly help to limit the transmission of coronavirus to some extent. If you wear a surgical mask then it is certainly effective. Chances of getting the virus can be reduced with the process certainly. Scientific evidence is present to show that viral transmission can be limited with the help of mask.

Myth 4: If you wear a mask then you may inhale a lot of carbon dioxide and fall sick

Fact: Cloth mask generally does not cause any lightheadedness, dizziness and headache. Carbon Dioxide may pass through the mask. It is not be possible to see a build up within the mask. In case of dizziness and headache, you may be dehydrated as wearing a mask may not allow to drink water freely. Therefore, it is advised to stay hydrated always.
Myth 5: N95 respirator mask is only effective
Fact: Cloth mask with multiple layers is quite effective. It has proven to be effective to reduce the spread of virus droplets. If mask is worn in combination with maintaining safe distance and hand washing frequently then you can stay protected further. It is better to keep the N95 respirator for the use of healthcare workers.

Myth 6: You need to change the mask daily

Fact: Cloth mask made at home can be reused following to a wash. Face mask can be washed in the washing machine. However, it can be hand washed also. During the hand wash of mask, you should keep it in the hot water for some time. Later on, soap and detergent can be used to wash it. Mask must be air dried.

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