Creative and Washable Cotton Masks to protect you with style

As a result of quarantine and lockdown in several countries of the world, you may be stuck in your house. However, trips to the supermarkets must be essential in regular intervals. If you are working in the emergency sector then you may need to visit the offices also. Therefore, it has been advised to use the mask whenever you go out of the house.

During this trouble times, it may not be easy to obtain an N-95 mask for yourself. By CDC, it has been said that N-95 masks must be used in the hospitals and clinics only. So, what is the next best option for you? To protect yourself, you can certainly try the washable cotton masks that are trendy, stylish and comfortable also. Several designer labels as well smaller shops have been coming forward to create these masks. Creativity can be showcased with the masks. Personality can be reflected with the use of these masks also.

Pretty but Affordable

Fashionable washable cotton face masks are available these days. It can be worn easily in the marketplaces. In this way, a pretty look can be created. Prices of these masks are not too high also. Safety measures can be maintained everyday on the occasion without sacrificing on the appearance

Environment Friendly

Cotton is an environment friendly material. Therefore, you may not feel guilty while wearing them. Three layered masks are created with 100% cotton. Different styles and patterns can be created with the fabric. Filter pockets can be added to the masks also. In this way, an added layer of protection can be offered too. Cotton masks can be washed and reused to ensure its environment friendliness.

Sleek and Economical

Printed masks make it sleeker. For the kids especially, masks can be created with their favorite cartoon and superhero character. In this way, they may agree to wear the mask outside. These are simple and comfortable masks that are economical too.

Mask that replicate your face

Now-a-days, some masks are available that looks just like you. These are personalized masks. Custom prints are used for these masks. If you want then your picture can be placed over the mask also. Or else, you can go with your preferred choice of print, picture or logo also.

Traditional and Embroidered Some of masks are being created with embroidery also in order to add an edge to it. Masks looks very creative and it can separate you from others also.

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