COVID-19: What is ahead of India in 45 days?

Right now, India has been facing the second wave of coronavirus pandemic. Prior to this second wave, India has experienced a significant amount of decrease in the number of cases between September and February. During the time, number of cases has decreased to 10,000 a day from about 98,000.

Significant amount of improvement has been seen in the areas that does not have good healthcare infrastructure also. Due to decline in the number of cases, people have started to look for the reasons for such a miraculous feat also. Experts have put forward lots of theories on the occasion. However, India has started to see an increase in the number of cases from mid-February once again and come on the verge of second wave.
Maharashtra is witnessing the highest number of cases at the moment. For the last one month, 65% cases in India have been coming from Maharashtra. Starting from 7500 in the middle of February, it has been crossed 25,000 by the end of March.
In additions, lots of variants of coronavirus have become prevalent in India at the moment. Due to presence of UK variant and South Africa variant of coronavirus, transmission rate has increased definitely.

By the Health Ministry of India, second wave of coronavirus has not been acknowledged yet. Similarly, they have denied about the community transmission during the first wave of coronavirus as well. However, it is hard deny the fact that second wave of coronavirus is here while looking at the number of cases around India.
During the second wave of coronavirus, India has two vaccines in their hand which can be looked as one of best tools to fight it out with the coronavirus. In case the vaccine has not been in the place then India may have to go through a lockdown once again. Tight restrictions may have been imposed also. Still, Maharashtra has imposed a short lockdown to reduce pressure from their healthcare system.
Till now, everyone is not eligible for the vaccine. Therefore, it may have become necessary for the government to make it available to everyone.

From 1st April, the coronavirus is going to be made available to the citizen above the age of 45. If everything goes smoothly then India may able to come back to normalcy once again as far as economy is concerned in 45 days. Second wave of coronavirus can be controlled at the sometime.
However, it may be important for the citizen to look out at their behavior in public. Safety protocols regarding COVID-19 should be maintained until most of the people in India are vaccinated.

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