COVID-19 vaccine created antibodies may be less effective with some coronavirus variant

New studies have suggested that antibodies created by some of the COVID-19 vaccines may be less effective to neutralize new variant of coronavirus. Most of the novel coronavirus with new variant have been reported in UK, South Africa and Brazil. Journal called Cell has published these studies. On the occasion, coronavirus vaccine from Pfizer and Moderna have been tested against the variants that have been found in UK, Brazil and South Africa.

According to the scientists, neutralizating antibodies function by attaching itself tightly with the virus. It generally blocks the virus from entering cells. In this way, infection is prevented. However, binding is seen only when the virus and antibodies are perfect match to each other. It has to work like a key for the lock.
In case there is a change in the virus shape as the antibody latch on to it then antibodies may not able to recognize the virus and neutralize it.
During the time, a comparison has been made regarding effectiveness of antibodies between old virus and new variant of coronavirus.

Following to the test on the new strain of virus found in South Africa, it has been observed that neutralizing antibodies have been facing 20 to 40 times more resistance while defusing the virus
Strains from Brazil and Japan have shown five to seven times more resistance in comparison original novel coronavirus that has been originated from Wuhan in China.
One of authors of the study has explained “In particular we found that mutations in a specific part of the spike protein called the receptor-binding domain were more likely to help the virus resist the neutralizing antibodies”
However, resistance of the virus to the new variant of coronavirus does not mean that it is not effective at all. Scientists have said, “The body has other methods of immune protection besides antibodies. Our findings don’t necessarily mean that vaccines won’t prevent COVID, only that the antibody portion of the immune response may have trouble recognizing some of these new variants.”
Now, it has become essential to know which variant of the virus may able to evade the immune factor of the vaccine completely.

Post study, researchers may able to develop a preventive method that is effective against the new variants also. On the occasion, a COVID-19 vaccine with broad efficacy may be created. In spite of future mutation, the vaccine may offer good results.
So, we expect to get a vaccine against coronavirus in the future that is able to neutralize the coronavirus regardless of its variant.

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