COVID-19 vaccine by Zydus Cadila is expected to be approved this week; But supply may start from August

Drug regulator of India is expected to give a nod to the COVID-19 vaccine that has been developed by Zydus Cadila. It is going to be used by the children above the age of 12 years. Trials have been done on the adults already in addition to the kids above 12 years. Data have been submitted to the regulatory committee. So, it may get an approval if the regulatory board is satisfied with the data.

According to the reports, subject matter expert from the regulatory committee is to examine the data that has been submitted by Cadila. Emergency authorization is to come out this week after looking at the phase three trial data. Official from Cadila has said if the approval is given then supply may begin from August.
In different parts of India, coronavirus positivity rate is on the down ride. India is definitely in the recovery mode after second wave of coronavirus has wreaked havoc in the country from the month April to May. However, there has been premonition of a third wave also. Experts have been trying their best to warn the people. Masks are still mandatory. It has been said that the people should abide by all the COVID restrictions such as masking, sanitizing and maintaining safe distance in public. In addition, vaccination drive has been going on also. Every adult citizen of India is allowed to take the vaccine

If Zydus Cadila manages to get an approval then it is going to be fifth vaccine for COVID -19 in India. In the past, Covishield, Covaxin, Sputnik V and Moderna have been approved by the Regulatory Board of India. For the children, Zydus Cadila is the first one to develop a COVID-19 vaccine.
By the company, it has been said that their COVID-19 has about 66.6% efficacies in case of RT-PCR positive cases of symptomatic nature. It has been found through an interim analysis. The company has also informed the DGCI that ZyCoV-D vaccine is completely safe for the kids that are aged between 12 and 18.
To the Supreme Court, the centre has said in an affidavit that Zydis Cadila vaccine will be available from children from 12 years onwards June and it will be given a statutory permission. It has been also informed that Zydus Cadila is developing a DNA vaccine and completed its clinical trial with 12 years and 18 years age group. It has been also added “Subject to the statutory permissions, it may be available in near future for children of the age group of 12 to 18 years of age”

Three doses of ZyCoV-D vaccine will be given. It is an intradermal vaccine that is going to be applied through PharmaJet needle free system. The vaccine can be stored in between the temperature of 2 and 8 degree Celsius. Vaccine can be kept in stable at 25 degree Celsius also for about three months.

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