“COVID-19 third wave unpredictable” – says AIIMS director Randeep Guleria

Last Saturday, AIIMS director Randeep Guleria has said that third wave may not be experienced by India. However, it may depend to some extent on the COVID appropriate action of the people.

During receiving Foundation Day Award at the Gitam Institute, Guleria has talked to the reporters. On the occasion, he has said that it has been quite unpredictable so far on how the virus has behaved.

According to Guleria, “But I don’t think that we will see a third wave which will be as bad as the second wave”
On the apprehension that third wave of Coronavirus may affect the children more than adults, AIIMs chief has said that children will be definitely more susceptible to coronavirus as they have not been vaccinated yet.

Later on, he has said further “The general feeling is that adults are getting vaccinated, children are not being vaccinated and therefore if there is a new wave it will affect those who are more susceptible. Children will be more susceptible”

Sero Survey has showcased the fact that 50% children in India have been affected by coronavirus already. Due to this reasons, they may have antibodies as well.

On the occasion, he has hoped that there will be anti-COVID vaccine for coronavirus in the future for the children. It may come out within couple of months as the research and trials have been going on for several vaccines. Therefore, vaccination for the children may be started soon also.

Effectiveness of the vaccine is going to be seen on the severity of COVID-19 especially. Later on, Randeep Guleria has also added “Vaccines are helping in preventing severe disease and death from Covid-19. Infections are still happening but those infected are predominantly those who have not been vaccinated. That’s why we are saying more and more people need to get vaccinated”

He has also noted “Those getting infected even after vaccination, what we call breakthrough infection, are predominantly getting milder infection. So vaccines are effective in giving protection from severe disease.”
During second wave of coronavirus in India, infection rate has been quite high and lots of people have lost their lives also. In several parts of the countries, lockdown has been announced by many states such as Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala and West Bengal. Now, the numbers of COVID-19 cases have dropped. Therefore, lockdown restrictions have been relaxed. There is a high chance of increase in the infection rate once again. However, high percentage of people has already got their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Due to this reason, severity of coronavirus may be lessened even if there is a third wave.

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