COVID-19 Third Wave: Niti Aayog warns Centre about 4 to 5 lakh cases daily by the end of this month

During the upcoming surge of COVID-19 cases, 23% of the total number of patients may require to be hospitalized. Therefore, head of Niti Aayog VK Paul has said the authority to prepare around 2 lakh beds for ICU patients only.
Statement has been made after witnessing a massive second wave of coronavirus in the month of April and May. In some of the days, 3 lakh daily cases have been seen at the time. VK Paul is also heading task force of Covid-19 for the Central Government. Recently, he has warned the government and said India can observe around 4 to 5 lakh cases daily in the month of September.

Estimation is definitely higher than the projection that has been made in September of 2020 prior to the second wave of COVID-19. It has been said that 20% of the infection has severe or moderate symptoms. Therefore, they have to be hospitalized.
Based on the pattern during second wave of coronavirus, experts have recommended preparing a minimum of 2 lakh beds in the ICU wards. At the peak in June, active case load has been about 18 lakhs from 10 states of India. Most of the cases have come from these states. 21.74% of the total cases have to be hospitalized whereas 2.2% people have stayed at the ICU.

According to the Niti Aagog, it is better to prepare for the worst. By keeping 2lakh beds in ICU for emergency, 1.2 lakh among them should come with the ventilators. In addition, there should be minimum 7 lakh non-ICU beds with 5 lakh of them oxygen enabled. 10 lakhs isolation beds have to be prepared by the end of next month as well.
Experts have said that third of coronavirus may hit India around the month of September – October. By the panel, it has been also recommended to accelerate inoculation drive to reduce the chances of infection surge
An expert panel under National Institute of Disaster Management has said that children may have a similar risk like an adult.

One of the reports has suggested “Paediatric facilities, doctors and equipment like ventilators, ambulances, etc. are nowhere close to what may be required in case a large number of childre樂威壯
n become infected”
Data submitted at the PMO has suggested that only 7.6 crore people have been vaccinated completely till now. As much as 6 lakhs cases can be seen if the pace of vaccination is not improved.

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