COVID-19 Delta Variant is affecting people with full vaccination

Delta variant is considered to be fittest and fastest than all the version of coronavirus present now. It has been spread almost everywhere in the world. As various countries are ready loosen some restriction connected COVID-19 and open their economies, experts, microbiologists, epidemiologists and doctors are worried.

Protection offered by the vaccine is pretty strong. Therefore, severe infection and hospitalization issues are not expected to be seen with the vaccinated people. However, unvaccinated people are still at a higher risk.

One of major concerns with the COVId-19 delta variant has been that it can spread greater speed in comparison to other variant of coronavirus. However, it may not make people sicker. Due to more number of infections, chances of hospitalization also increase. Evidence has been seen that coronavirus delta variant can affect people with full vaccination also. Risk is definitely higher with this variant. Therefore, experts are worried about larger spread of the virus in the coming days.

Microbiologist Sharon Peacock has said “The biggest risk to the world at the moment is simply Delta.” Till more data on the delta virus is available, people are still required to wear a mask and maintain social distance at public places. Measures must be taken for broad vaccination in several countries also.

In England, 58% unvaccinated and 22% vaccinated people have been hospitalized with the delta variant of the coronavirus. In case of Singapore, Delta has come across as most common variant of coronavirus. 75% cases have been seen with the vaccinated people on the occasion. Even in Israel, 60% hospitalized cases have been vaccinated. United States of America has reported that 83% of their new cases have been caused by the coronavirus delta variant. However 97% of these cases have been seen with the unvaccinated people.

Pfizer vaccine has come across have come across as the most effective vaccine so far. It is found to be effective by 41% in restricting symptomatic infection in Israel with the delta variant as well.

Through a study on Delta virus in China, it has been found that delta variant is capable of carrying 1000 times more virus than original Wuhan strain. It has been found in the noses of the affected people. Peacock has also said “You may actually excrete more virus and that’s why it’s moretransmissible. That’s still being investigated”

Virologist Shane Crotty has said “It’s outcompeting all other viruses because it just spreadsso much more efficiently,”

Eric Topolnoted, a Genomics expert has said that delta variant comes with the shorter incubation period and greater number of virus particles. It is also said “That’s why the vaccines are going to be challenged. The people who are vaccinated have got to be especially careful. This is a tough one.”

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