Coronavirus vaccine: what is vaccine shedding? Is side-effects contagious?

COVID-19 vaccines are one of the best ways to avoid the risk related to coronavirus infection. Following to the vaccine, you may able to step out of the house without any worries. However, some people are still hesitant before taking vaccine for COVID-19.

In some cases, side-effects of COVID-19 are quite severe. There is also lots of misconception around the vaccine on how it works. Some of the people believe that side effects of coronavirus vaccine can be contagious. By taking the jab, you may start to shed the virus particles and spread the virus at the same time.

However, these claims are not true at all.

What is Virus Shedding?

Virus shedding is usually seen when an infected person transmit the virus to the others. It is one of the ways how coronavirus is spreading at a rapid rate throughout the world.

Some of these vaccines are developed from the live virus. Therefore, a fragment of virus may be present in the vaccine. Therefore, it is believed by some that vaccinated people may spread the virus to others. In different parts of the world, this idea of virus spreading exists. Some of the organizations are closing their doors and imposing rules on the vaccinated people as well.

Hesitant vaccine takers have the idea of vaccine shedding mostly. History of vaccine can be looked as the reason behind the idea. In case of typhoid and flu vaccine, weakened live virus is introduced to the body that may lead to shedding and pose a threat. However, the risk level is pretty negligible even with these vaccines.

Is there any chance of shedding with COVID-19 vaccine?

Proven link cannot be seen yet between COVID-19 vaccine and virus shredding. In COVID-19 vaccine used throughout the world, any live or weakened virus SARS-COV-2 virus cannot be seen. Most of the vaccine contain inactive or prototype of the spike protein. Body is trained to recognize the virus and fight infection and create an immune response. If a person is vaccinated then the virus may not be able to replicate itself in the body. Therefore, live virus may not be found in the body at all. Therefore, virus shedding cannot be expected with the virus. So, COVID-19 vaccine cannot give you the disease.

Are side-effects contagious?

Side-effects of the vaccine are not contagious at all. Post administration of the vaccine, side effects happen due to inflammatory responses that are created by the immune system as it reacts to the pathogen.
Due to the reaction, flu like symptoms can be noticed that generally goes away in a day or two. Side-effects are not contagious at all. In addition, it cannot cause a contagious spread. Therefore, you may not give virus to another person.

Vaccinated people are safe. Through two doses of vaccines, immunity level is given a kick and body is safeguarded from risk of COVID-19.

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