Coronavirus new strain is found in 8 European countries and it is spreading further now

Following to the announcement by UK government about a new strain of coronavirus, stir has been seen all around the world once again. In eight countries of Europe, virus has been detected already. World Health Organization has been monitoring the situation.

Stressing on the matter of protection, Regional Director of WHO in Europe Hans Kluge has said that the new strain is more prevalent in the younger people that has not be noticed with the older strain.

COVID-19 new variant named VOC-202012/01 has been identified in eight countries of Europe so far. Therefore, every country needs to strengthen their protective measures once again such as social distancing, masks and maintenance of a core bubble. Monitoring the situation, World Health Organization has been offering updates constantly. Vigilance is essential to be safe and stay healthy. In addition, research has been going on to know about its impact in details.

First, the new strain has been found in United Kingdom. According to the experts, it is expected to be more transmittable. Due to arrival of COVID-19 new strain, travel restrictions have been introduced by several countries.
On March 11th, World Health Organization has declared about the global coronavirus pandemic. Based on the reports of Johns Hopkins University, 79,712,010 cases have been reported in the world. Number of death reported is 1,747,790. One of the most worst affected countries are The United States. Next in the line has been India and Brazil.

In case of new strain of COVID-19 virus, cases have been reported from France, Sweden and Spain after UK. Now, the list has been increasing gradually. Several Frenchmen upon their arrival from UK to France has been tested positive with the new strain of coronavirus. Some of these people have not been showing any symptoms even which is scarier. If there is more number of asymptomatic cases then increase in the amount of spread can be witnessed quite naturally
Spain has reported 4 cases from Madrid. Patients are not ill seriously. Sweden has also reported one case as the person has gone to Sormland region in UK to celebrate Christmas. Chances are there that more number of people from Sweden has been infected by the virus already. Therefore, health agencies have asked people that have traveled to England recently to go through a coronavirus test.

In addition to the above countries, Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Germany and Belgium have reported about the new strain of coronavirus as well.

50 countries have announced a ban on travel from UK. Further, Japan has decided to stop foreign arrival completely till the end of January following to their first case of coronavirus.

Several European nations have started to roll out the vaccination. EU has planned to deliver first shot in 27 countries at the same time. However, Hungary has gone ahead and started the vaccination process after obtaining the first installment of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

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