‘Coronavirus May Never Go Away’ – Says WHO regarding the future with the pandemic

During recent press briefing of World Health Organization, experts have said that coronavirus pandemic may not go away completely ever. On the occasion, reporters have been curious to know when people may get a relief from the pandemic. Speculations have been made that coronavirus may be ended in 2021. However, emergency director Dr. Mike Ryan from WHO has said that it is premature and unrealistic to look at the COVID-19 pandemic in this way. It has been acknowledged at the time that the vaccination has reduced the number of hospitalization. Infectivity rate has been reduced for the same reason also.

In order to control the pandemic, massive effort is required. Everyone in the world must try to keep the case load as low as possible in this time. On the occasion, Dr. Ryan from WHO has said that if we act smartly then it may be possible to eliminate chances of hospitalization, death and tragedy completely by the end of year 2021. In addition, WHO has given importance to use of vaccination as it has been helping to reduce the surge in infection. However, it may be hard to find a method to control the evolution of this pandemic. It is better not to become complacent. According to WHO, coronavirus is under control at the moment.

Healthy and Young People are being vaccinated

Director General of WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has criticized the wealthy countries on the occasion. It has been said that wealth countries like USA, Britain and Canada have been stocking the vaccine. Recently, vaccination drive has been started in the countries like Ghana and Ivory Coast where vaccination process has started by the wealthy nations almost three months back. In the wealthy countries, vaccination of younger people has started already whereas elderly people are still not vaccinated in the poor African countries. Older people are more vulnerable to coronavirus. Therefore, they are needed to be vaccinated first in comparison to the younger people. So, it is really a regrettable affair. Senior WHO adviser Dr. Bruce Aylward has also said that they cannot tell any country what these countries can do.

Tedros has also said that it is not a race between the countries. It can be looked as a ‘race against the viruses. They are not saying to put people in your country at risk. However, it is better to become a part of global effort. As a result, virus can be suppressed everywhere.

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