Coronavirus: Aircrew is not ‘medically fit’ to fly for 48 hours after the vaccination

Director General of Civil Aviation in India has said that pilots and crew members are not eligible to fly out for 48 hours after the vaccination. Following to the vaccination, aircrew is considered ‘medically unfit’ for almost 2 days.

According to the guidelines, aviation regulators have said that pilots and crew can resume their duties in case there are no symptoms at all after 48 hours of inoculation. Like everyone else, pilots and crew are going to be monitored at the vaccination center for 30 minutes following to the vaccination. Medical professionals look for unusual response or severe allergic reaction during this time.
In case there is any reaction even after 48 hours of the vaccination then physician must be contacted for the necessary treatment. By aviation regulatory body, it has been said “Such pilots can be declared unfit for flying duties provided they are asymptomatic without any medication and a ‘medical cure certificate’ to this effect be obtained”

If the symptoms persist over 14 days after COVID-19 vaccination then it may be necessary to perform a special examination to check the health condition. In this way, it can be decided whether a crew or a pilot is fit to fly.
From 16th January, Coronavirus vaccination drive has started in India. In the beginning, frontline workers and healthcare workers have been vaccinated. Second phase has started from 1st March. In this phase, people over the age of 60 are going to be vaccinated. In addition, people over 45 years with co-morbidity can go for the vaccination also.
In the first phase, vaccines are given through government approved hospitals and vaccination centers only. However, private hospitals have been allowed to offer the vaccine in the second phase. From the private hospitals, you can get the vaccine in minimal cost. In case of government hospitals, vaccines are given free of cost. So far, 2, 30, 08,733 people have been given a vaccine.

States like Maharastra, Kerala, Punjab, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have been still witnessing high number of coronavirus cases. Therefore, people are being advised to wear a mask whether they have been vaccinated or not. Therefore, some travel restrictions have been imposed by these states also. In order to travel with the train and plane, coronavirus tests have been made mandatory. Test must be done within three days prior to the travel. It is necessary to show result at the time of boarding in some places.

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