Color-changing stickers are being made by the researcher to detect the COVID-19

Spread of COVID-19 has been happening in a rampant manner still now. Therefore, researchers have been trying to find ways to detect COVID-19 effectively and creatively as soon as possible. In this way, detection and management of cases may become easy. Researchers from the University of California have been trying to develop a color changing sticker for COVID-19 detection.

Sticker can be placed within the cloth, surgical or N95 mask to detect the coronairus. It can be looked as a test strip with a blister pack that may change color as soon as it comes in the contact of the breath and saliva of COVID-19 patient.

Following to the breathing of mask wearer, test strip can detect the protein molecules of the COVID-19. Following to the removal of the mask along with the test material, content is squeezed out over the test strip. In cases test strip changes to a specific color then it may mean that molecules of infection are present.

Test strip is quite similar to the pregnancy test kit that is usually used in the home. Control line can be seen in the strip that may indicate about the positive result. However, these test strips on the mask may not be able to replace the testing protocol that is being followed now. Mask with the color changing stickers are made just for the surveillance purpose. It takes a similar approach to a smoke detector. By wearing these stickers in your mask, it may be possible to know whether there is a problem with you or not. Later on, sophisticated testing techniques can be utilized to be more certain.

Before further utilization of these test strips, it may be tested with the saliva of COVID-19 patients. Later on, it may be given to the healthcare workers also.

Researchers have suggested a way of surveillance on COVID-19 in a reliable and affordable way through this method. It is a simple method at the same time. On the daily basis, these test kit stickers can be used. In spite of poor setting in terms of resource, it can be easily implemented. It can be looked as a wearable sensor against the COVID-19.

Through these test strips, detection of COVID-19 new infection can be done more easily and effectively. It is especially beneficial for the vulnerable communities.

For the production of these strips, few cents may be required only. Therefore, it can be looked as an affordable option definitely. High risk areas such as homeless shelter, prisons and dialysis, it can be utilized effectively without much hassle.

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