Choosing the arm to get the COVID-19 vaccine and side effects

If a vaccine is administered in the body then it is quite natural to feel the pain at the injection location. Some people may not able to move or lift their arms also. Vaccination drive has begun in various places of the world. However, people have been apprehensive and unable to decide on which arm they should take the vaccine.
Through the vaccination process, people can be protected from novel coronavirus. Several countries have started vaccination in the country. Since, it is a new vaccine. Therefore, lot of questions can be seen among the people. In the beginning, vaccines are being given to the frontline workers like doctors and nurses as they have been treating patient of COVID-19. Gradually, vaccines will be made available to the common people.
Similar to other vaccines, coronavirus vaccines are expected to be administered in the upper arms also. Till now, two dose vaccines are being offered. Second shot of the vaccine is expected to be administered one month after the first vaccine. Pain is experienced over the injection site after the vaccine. Therefore, stress and tension can be seen among the people before taking the vaccine.

Is it possible to choose the arm for vaccine?

Yes, decision can be taken about the location of administering vaccine. According to doctors, coronavirus vaccines are just like flu vaccine that may have taken in the childhood. Choice on the vaccination location can be made during the jab. On the occasion, doctor can suggest you about the vaccination site also.

Which arm is better for COVID-19 vaccine?

Choice on the subject depends on the individual completely. However, some factors can be observed on the occasion. Based on the dominant arm, decision can be taken.
Following to the vaccination, pain can be felt in the arm for a day or two. Therefore, it may be better to go with the non-dominant arm. In case of a right handed person, it is better to go with the left hand.
Some people think that movement of arm may help to relieve the pain gradually. Therefore, they may choose the right arm in spite of being a right handed person. Through continuous movement of the arm, blood flow can be maintained in the affected area. Soreness may be reduced to some extent as well.

Is it possible to administer vaccine to different arms?

On the occasion, the answer is yes. Choice can be taken during the second dose of vaccine. Different arm can be preferred for the second dose in comparison to the first dose.

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