Children account 22% of the new COVID-19 cases in US

Few cases of coronavirus can be seen among the children at the very beginning of the year. Based on the data, it has been only one-fifth of the new coronavirus cases in USA. However, the data may surprise you on the occasion as COVID-19 cases in children have been only 3% in the last year.
Recently, American Academy of Pediatrics has said that children mark 22% new coronavirus cases in USA at the moment. In the last week 71,649 children cases among the total number of cases of 310,601 has been seen. Through the data, it has become clear that children cases have increased in USA certainly.
Several factors have been linked with this phenomenon by the experts. High rate of vaccination has been seen among the elderly population in USA. In total, 100 million have been vaccinated in USA already. However, some other factors have affected and led to this situation also. Decreasing restrictions during school activities and also COVID-19 new variant can be a reason behind the rise in children COVID-19 cases.
However, high rate of cases is seen among the age group between 18 – 24 years now.

Is it surprising to see the number of affected children with the coronavirus now?

For the experts, it is indeed a surprising matter. Several things have caused it. One of the reasons behind it is the circulation of new variant. It is more transmittable. However, it is not clear yet if the new variant is more severe.
On the occasion, vaccination is definitely playing an important role without any doubt for the change of demographics as far as the infected people are concerned. In most of the countries, citizens above the age of 60 or 70 have been fully vaccinated. Therefore, a dramatic drop has been noticed with the cases among the elderly people. Proportion of cases has changed as a result.

Child coronavirus cases have not dropped

Now, more outbreaks are seen in the school. It has been noticed in the past also. However, it is happening a little more at the moment. More kids have visited schools in-person in the last few months in comparison to the previous months.
Mitigation measures have been taken in the schools. Still, it can be said that the transmission rate is much lower in school than its surrounding community. In case there is a surge in the surrounding area then it is quite natural to see its effect in the school.
Outbreaks have happened mostly during school activities such as indoor and outdoor sports.

What can be the reason?

In spite of vaccination of elderly people, circulation of the virus has not stopped. Still now, children are not eligible for the vaccination. It can be one of the reasons behind the higher percentage of infection among the children also. If the virus continues to circulate then vulnerable people are going to be hit. It is especially true for the people that have not been vaccinated yet.
Some changes can be seen in the coming weeks as the vaccine is being approved for the kids above the age of 12. However, official date for approval of vaccine has not arrived yet. Data has been submitted by Pfizer last week to FDA. So, it may be approved in the coming weeks. If kids are vaccinated then dynamics may change.

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