Can people spread coronavirus even after vaccination?

Following to a coronavirus vaccine, you have waited for two weeks. Now, immune system is expected to protect you from the coronavirus. So, can you roam around the world without any fear now? One of the microbiologists working on coronavirus vaccine at the University Of Washington School Of Medicine has talked about transmission after the vaccination according to the science and the effect on the new variant.

Can vaccine prevent coronavirus completely?

On the occasion, you are expected to get a negative answer from the experts. It is possible to be infected after the vaccination also. However, you may not become ill. Most of the people believe that vaccine is a shield that blocks the virus from affecting your cells. Here, you may be protected of disease but not from the infection.

Immune system of every person is different from other. If the vaccine is about 95% effective then it means that people may not fall sick. Despite the infection, people may not show any symptoms as the virus is eliminated by the immune system really quick. However, there are chances that 5% will indeed become sick. These people may have to be hospitalized also.

Can infection equal to transmission?

Transmission is seen when lots of virus particles is transferred from body of an infected person to an uninfected person. It is possible for any infected person to transfer the virus. However, the vaccine can indeed reduce the chances of virus transmission.
In reality, vaccine may not prevent the infection completely. However, it can certainly decrease the amount of viral load that may come out through nose and mouth after the vaccination. Process can be referred as shedding. It also means that time of shedding the virus has been shortened too. If a person releases lesser amount of virus from the body then chances of transmission may be less also.
Research has been conducted on the Israeli people that have been vaccinated already. On the occasion, 2897 people have been part of the research that has been checked for the signs of infection. Virus has not been detected in most of these people. However, some people have been infected by the virus. They have viral load one quarter than an infected person without the vaccine.

Lesser amount of coronavoirus in the body means that there is lesser chance of spreading it. If the viral load is low in the body then transmission probability is almost close to zero. Researchers still cannot say everything definitely as the vaccine efficacy is not 100%. Therefore, CDC has recommended people to wear a public even after the vaccination.

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