Can I Wear Mask for 12 Hours Straight?

Several discussions can be seen online regarding donning a mask for prolonged time. Lot of people is concerned about wearing a mask at a stretch for several hours. It is quite natural to observe a build-up of CO2 within the mask if it is worn for a long time. However, presence of Co2 within the mask may be tolerable in terms of amount.

People have been avoiding masks for various reasons like heat, skin irritation and humidity. However, these reasons are not good enough at all when it comes to the significance of these masks. If you do not wear a mask then it may be dangerous. Rumours are heard that prolong use of mask may cause hypercapnia which is also known as carbon dioxide poisoning. However, these rumours have been negated by various prestigious medical agencies and experts. According to the experts, carbondioxide particles are small enough to travel through the mask. Surgeons have been wearing these masks for hours. It is a fact that has helped to debunk the myth related to prolonged use of mask. By using a mask on daily basis, reduction in the intake of oxygen may not be noticed.

Implication on health may not be seen if you wear a mask daily. In case you have been wearing a mask for 12 hours continuously then it is quite natural to feel discomfort. However, right kind of mask can be found in order to keep the discomfort at bay. Fresh air can be accessed easily while offering utmost protection.

Why Masks have Become Necessary?

Due to situation with coronavirus all around the world, masks have become an integral part of new normal. It looks like that you have to wear a mask every day in the near future also. Everyone has been waiting for a vaccine for COVID-19 to arrive. So that pandemic may come to an end. To stop the spread of virus, it is important to wear a mask and maintain social distance. Through scientific studies, it has been found that the mask can limit the spread even if it cannot eliminate the virus. As a result, masks have become an essential element for protection.

Finding Proper Mask

While looking for a mask, it is important to secure efficiency as well as comfort. If the mask is not comfortable enough then you may not able to concentrate on your job in hand. In addition, you may not like to wear the mask all the time also. By removing the mask for prolonged time, you may be risking your health as well as people around you. Picking up a right mask for you, both safety and comfort can be guaranteed.

Comfort is Important

Most of manufacturers have been selling masks in one size. However, if you do not buy a mask that fits your face perfectly then issues can be seen. Filtration through the mask may be sacrificed on such occasions. As a result, you may be more exposed. Level of comfort is different from one person another. Mask from our company can offer friendly fit. It is also possible to find masks for the kids.

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