Can Allergy Symptoms Reduce as You wear a Mask?

It’s Spring Time. So, the temperature has started to rise once again. People have been looking forward to go outside the house and take in some fresh air. Most of the people are definitely excited about the spring and summer season ahead of them. However, one should not forget about the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, people with allergies should be more careful in this season. For the people those are prone to seasonal allergies, there is good news. By wearing a mask, allergy symptoms can be reduced. So, it is definitely better to mask up.

Through recent studies, it has been found out that wearing a mask can reduce the symptoms of allergies. It is especially beneficial for those suffering from seasonal allergies regularly. Even before the pandemic, allergists have been requesting people with severe allergies to wear a mask outside the house.
Due to use of mask, virus particles cannot be transmitted easily. As a result, COVID-19 spread can be reduced and viral chain can be broken at the same time. Both cloth mask and surgical masks can be worn on the occasion. Masks are effective against the coronavirus. However, it is useful for seasonal allergies at the same time.

Outdoor Allergies

If someone suffers from allergic rhinitis or hay fever then the mask can be a great help to them. In case allergens such as pollen causes a threat to the body and creates an immune response then it is an allergy. It may come out as a sneeze, blocked sinus or runny nose. Due to airborne nature of the pollen, it can be inhaled easily. Experts have observed the fact that wearing a face mask has reduced allergies among the people in this pandemic time. From here on, a person that suffers from hay fever can simply wear the mask and stay away from an exposure of pollen. Symptoms of the allergies may be reduced as a result.
By using a mask with the filter, further benefit can be ensured. It is important for allergy prone person to wear a tightly fitted mask. Respiratory illness can be kept in check with the process too. However, the mask should come with certification. Mask may able to get rid of airborne particles as well as pollution that can be harmful and irritating. Mash must be chosen that is re-usable and washable. In this way, a mask can be used for a long time and become cost effective at the same time.

Difference between Allergies and COVID-19

During the COVID-19 first wave, people have been facing issues to make a difference between the symptoms of coronavirus and allergies. However, both the symptoms are different to some extent. In case of COVID-19, body ache, fever, loss of taste and smell has been seen. However, common symptoms of allergies are sneezing, blocked sinus, runny nose, body ache and fever.
For the allergy suffers, there are more reasons to buy a mask and stay safe while building a barrier against the coronavirus at the same time

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