Breakthrough infection has become common because of coronavirus delta variant

Breakthrough SARS-CoV2 infection is often being seen even after COVID-19 vaccine. It is a quite a common scene in various parts of the world. Experts are holding the delta variant of coronavirus responsible for such occurrences. Through genome sequencing, it has been found out that there are a high number of such cases in India. As a result, chances of rising COVID-19 cases with Delta variant are quite high. Therefore, questions are raised in the mind of people. They are mostly ager to know whether the vaccine will be effective upon the Delta variant of coronavirus.

By INSACOG, it has been reported the vaccine has managed to reduce severity of the disease and death counts quite easily. Delta variant may be the reason behind coronavirus breakthrough infection. However, transmission of disease cannot be stopped due to slow rate of vaccination in India. There are some other factors as well.
In a report by Consortium, it has been said “Continuing outbreaks across India are attributable to Delta, a susceptible population, reduced vaccine effectiveness in blocking transmission, and opportunities for transmission. Vaccination continues to be very effective in reducing severe disease and death. Public health measures to reduce transmission and vaccination remain critical”
On the occasion, it has been also said that the research is going over the new variant of coronavirus called Delta at the moment. Due to appearance of delta variant of COVID-19, global outbreak of coronvirus has become a common phenomenon.

In UK which has a population of 6.7 crore, has reported around 1.2 lakh cases following to the vaccination. Most of them have been tested with delta variant.
As far as India is concerned, coronavirus cases are decreasing. However, it is definitely not counted in single digit yet. In the coming days, the number may reduce further. Most of these cases have seen in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Lots of cases have been detected among the children as well. Therefore, health authorities have been taking measures in order to avoid a further rise in the number of cases. Reopening schools have increased fear among the children as well as their parents.

From the month of April and May, devastating second wave of coronavirus has been witnessed by India. During the time, health facilities have collapsed. Issues have been seen with the oxygen supply also. Since the last month, situation has been under control.
Experts are fearful of the third wave. According to the assumption, it may affect the children more as they have not been vaccinated yet. Therefore, CC units are established and expanded in various cities and rural areas. In addition, importance is given on improving immunity level of the children as well.

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