Biosensor attached face mask to detect coronavirus within 90 minutes

Coronavirus has changed the entire world. Face mask has become a part of our dress code. From the common people to the celebrities, everyone is wearing face mask. Therefore, diverse kinds of face masks have become available in the market. Vaccination process has started in several countries in full force. However, threat of a third wave is still looming large in some of these countries where vaccination has not been done completely yet. Therefore, it is still important to wear a mask.

Now, some innovations are being made in the world of face masks also. Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology have come together with Wyss Institute for Biology and inspired Harvard University Engineering to develop a biosensor based wearable technology. In this way, it may become possible to detect COVID-19 in 90 minutes as a person wears face mask with biosensor.
Nature Biotechnology Journal has published a study and it says “Wearable materials with embedded synthetic biology sensors for biomolecule detection.” Researchers have also added “These wearable biosensors have been installed in standard KN95 face masks to identify if the virus was present in a person’s breath. And it’s quick too. Researchers said that you can activate sensors with a button and the readout strip reflects results within 90 minutes. Not just that, the accuracy level is just the same as the standard PCR COVID tests.”

Co-author of the study and research scientist from Wyss Institute Peter Nguyen has said that entire small laboratory has been incorporated within the synthetic biology sensor. Later on, it has been attached with the face mask for an effective result. High accuracy in comparison to the PCR test can be ensured with biosensor face mask. It gives results quicker also. Cost of the test may not be as much as an antigen test also. Through a statement, Nguyen has also said “In addition to face masks, our programmable biosensors can be integrated into other garments to provide on-the-go detection of dangerous substances, including viruses, bacteria, toxins, and chemical agents”
Staff scientist of Wyss Institute Nina Donghia has said that it is an advanced technology. In this way, it is also possible to limit the exposure pathogens and hazardous material of the scientist in the lab.

Now, the team has been searching for a manufacturing partner in order to bring the product in the market in large numbers. By using this face mask with biosensor to detect COVID-19, pressure on the testing lab can be reduced significantly. In addition, coronavirus cases can be detected rapidly. As a result, percentage of severe cases can be lessened too.

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