Biggest Coronavirus Crisis is set to hit India and tightening its grip

Over three lakhs infections are being seen in India every day. Second wave of coronavirus in India has been increasing its power like a tsunami. Right now, India has become the coronavirus hotspot. Records are being set everyday with highest number of daily cases. News of overflowing number of sick people in the hospitals and numbers of deaths has been flooding the social media. Both the medical professionals and public have been making desperate cry for oxygen.

Political capital of India Delhi and Financial Capital of India Mumbai are under lockdown at the moment. In the midst the quiet street, you may able to hear the piercing sound of ambulance every now and then. Several state governments have been blaming the centre for such an outburst of coronavirus cases all over the India as they have not planned it properly. For the upcoming polls, visit of Prime Minister has been planned in West Bengal. However, it has been put on a hold due to pandemic in the end. Now, Prime Minister Modi has been giving more importance on the vaccination. Now, it will be interesting to see whether it is going to be enough to stop the fallout of the party in the poll results. Right now, polls have been going on in five states West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Puducherry and Kerala.

Panchanan Maharana, an social activist from Odissa has previously supported Modi. However, he feels now that the central government has failed to deliver result during this pandemic. He has said, “At this crucial time he is fighting for votes and not against Covid. He is failing to deliver — he should stop talking and focus on saving people’s lives and livelihoods.”
International Development professor at the University of Oxford named Nikita Sud has said
“There is no doubt an outpouring of anger at the mismanagement of the Covid-19 crisis in India. The question is, will this anger trump the hate that has been systematically sown in our society for years? And will public memory last long enough for the pandemic-relate danger to be manifested at election time?”
Several popular leaders in the world have been under the threat over the coronavirus pandemic. President of Brazil, Jair Boisonaro has faced a lot of criticism also.

Due to lack of vaccines, medicines and oxygen supplies, India has been facing trouble mostly during the second wave of coronavirus. From Singapore, oxygen supplies have been ordered. Now, US have also pledged to supply three metric tons of oxygen concentrator.
In the coming days, it is hoped that India manages to deal with this Coronavirus crisis successfully.

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