17 mutations is found in new strain UK coronavirus

Recently, new strain of coronavirus has been found in UK. It is reported to have gone through 17 mutations as far as its genetic material is concerned. By eight of these mutations, changes have been made in the spike protein of the virus. Due to this reason, this new strain of coronavirus is considered to be more transmittable in comparison to the earlier mutation. Studies have suggested that new strain of coronavirus is about 70% more transmittable.

CSIR or Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology from Hyderabad, India has suggested that COVID symptoms have not worsened due to this new strain of coronavirus yet in India. Challenges are not faced yet as far as vaccines are concerned. According to the scientists, efficacy of the vaccine will not be affected in case of new coronavirus strain. So, people can be rest assured that vaccine will work and there is no need to worry yet.

Precaution tool for this new strain of coronavirus is still the same as the older ones. It has been advised to avoid crowded places, keep safe distance and wear a mask. These are feasible ways to reduce chances of virus infection.
Both USA and India have suffered a lot due to coronavirus. They have one of the highest infectivity rates in the world. Due to this reason, it has become essential to keep an eye on the development regarding the new strain of coronavirus.

Most of the cases have emerged from the countries like UK and South Africa when they have travelled to other countries. Therefore, 40 countries have already banned flights from England.

Experts have been imposing more importance on wearing a mask once again. It is always better to be cautious. Unlike the earlier strain of virus, the new strain may be more harmful for the children. Previously, effect of the coronavrus has not been seen so much on the children. However, it may change with the new strain. It is believed that the new COVID strain is making changes to the cells quickly. Therefore, it is becoming a little harder to put up a defense. Now, children may be affected by the coronavirus in similar way to the adult.

New strain of coronavirus is highly mutated. It is believed that the mutation has been happened within a patient that has relatively weaker immune system. Since the patient has not managed to beat the virus, the body has become the breeding ground for mutation.

Scientists, researchers and medical professionals have been looking at the development all around the world. Now, we have to see whether the experts can control this new strain of coroanavirus or a new wave of coronavirus is going to emerge once again.

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